I educate clients about the scientific benefits of whole foods, plant-based nutrition, and health-supporting lifestyle choices (nutrition, exercise, physical activity, stress, sleepl, social wellness, work-life balance, and reduction of toxic exposures).

Nutrition for the individuals and groups:  You will get:

  • ~ Learn how to prepare diverse and nutrient-dense meals, snacks, and beverages
  • ~ Learn about the full range of beneficial nutrients and nutrient-dense foods
  • ~ Explore the examples of whole food-based recipes that you can try at home and share with your loved ones and friends
  • ~ Learn about the whole, organic, seasonal, local, and sustainable food choices and the principles of healthy eating
  • ~ Explore different food preparation and cooking methods
  • ~ Learn about how to maximize your shopping experience and find the most nutritious foods, beverages, and food products in your local stores 
  • ~ Discuss recent scientific discoveries in nutrition, holistic health, and wellness coaching
  • ~ Learn how to eat and stay healthy in different circumstances (home, work, travel, parties, stressful or challenging schedules, etc.)

The initial discussion of your health and nutrition goals is FREE of charge!


Menu of services:

  • ~ Nutrition, activity, and lifestyle review
  • ~ Computerized nutrition analysis of meals, snacks, beverages 
  • ~ Review of recommended serving sizes for main food groups 
  • ~ Recent research on nutrition, health, and wellness
  • ~ Assistance with a shopping list 
  • ~ Pantry and kitchen makeovers
  • ~ Examples of whole food-based recipes 

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