Client Linda V, South San Francisco, CA

I worked with Nataliya for 4 months. Before my private Yoga for Scoliosis practice, I experienced various types of discomfort and stiffness. The most helpful was to learn how to practice relaxing poses and breathing into my back while visualizing my spine being in perfect alignment. As a result, I feel better overall as my chest feels more open and my posture is better. The one-on-one sessions have helped me do the poses more correctly and I really feel the difference.

The one-on-one sessions have helped me feel better by stretching more and paying more attention to my posture and my breathing. I am very grateful that I was able to participate in Yoga for Scoliosis sessions. Nataliya answered all my questions clearly and precisely, giving me examples, clarifications, suggestions that were helpful in my practices at home. I appreciate all the pictures and information you provided that made my own practices easier. As always, Nataliya is the best.