Client Vilma B, South San Francisco, CA

“I always been very conscious about my diet and I thought that I was on the right path until I received a Nutrition Support from Nataliya. I attended Nataliya’s Holistic Nutrition classes and in addition I received 6 weekly individual counseling sessions with her on Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle. Nataliya demonstrated to me her abundant knowledge on how to get me on the right path to good nutrition and conveyed it in a way that made me excited about making changes for the better.
I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthier, feel better or has symptoms or health issues which are not being solved by conventional practitioners or to anyone who would like to improve the quality of their life.
Nataliya has introduced me to a new way of eating for health, the information she shares is very valuable and empowering. As a result of my new eating for health habits, I noticed my concentration improved as well as my physical stamina. Before I met Nataliya, I always felt hungry even if I ate something just a few minutes earlier. As a result of coming to Nataliya’s classes and having individual consultations with her,  I learned how I can feel satiated and nourished and my cravings have disappeared. I gained more energy and the elasticity of my skin improved.”