Pets and Food

Video: Cats Eating Their Breakfast

In this video, my cats are enjoying an avocado and flax crackers.

Studying and practicing holistic living for the past three decades, I have learned quite a bit about human health and balanced lifestyle.

How about our furry babies? I had cats as pets since my childhood. As a pet owner, I always wanted to find out how to create a good nutrition and lifestyle routine for them.

I owe many thanks to the amazing team of the holistic veterinarians at the Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital in San Francisco. I learned that some of the human foods could be necessary and safe for cats. The food choices depend on the results of the evaluation of the pet’s health status, so first of all, take your pet to the vet and discuss the available dietary options.

Thanks for watching a video and reading this post!

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Happy Holidays to you and your pets 🙂


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